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The mission of Top Prom Websites is to identify legitimate prom dress retailers and to point out to consumers the websites that are trying to sell counterfeits.

How does Top Prom Websites work?

Consumers submit sites that they think are selling knock-off prom dresses. We then look at the product images on the site to see if they belong to any national prom dress designer. After identifying the designers of the images, we check with the manufacturer regarding the website or retailer in question. If the company is not known by the manufacturer or listed on their store locater, then they are not authorized to sell that brand or product. The website or retailer is then added to the knock-off list. We also do our due diligence and check other scam alert websites, and often link to them, as additional proof that the company is not legitimate.

How does a site get Approved?

Retailers added to the Approved Sites list must only sell original designer prom dresses. We verify them the same way as the knock off sites above, and also research their physical retail address. If we have any questions or feel the site is not authentic, we will check directly with manufactures to verify all information.

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