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Top Prom Websites is the only prom website that drives targeted BUYERS to your business. Approximately 60% of our traffic is from users that are "pre-sale," meaning they are researching websites, or checking reviews before making a purchase. Because of this, we have revamped our ad program to better highlight YOUR STORE, and drive these users to YOUR SITE. If you want to be featured on TPW, here is how it works.

- Your page (rotating) at the top of the Approved Sites page
- Your page (rotating) on sidebar of every page aka "Hot List"

We are simplifying the advertising process to better highlight advertisers on TPW. There will be no additional banner ads or other advertisements to distract from our users getting to YOUR SITE.

Need more convincing? Other prom websites charge $600 - $2000 per month and they have less than 50% of the traffic of TPW. These other sites are also often catering to the post-sale consumer meaning, they have already purchased a dress before seeing your advertisement. Why waste your advertising budget trying to put your site in front of girls who have already bought a dress? Prom dress shoppers are coming to TPW before making their purchase to insure they are buying from an Authorized Retailer. Advertise with TPW and get REAL targeted users that are ready to buy!

What are you waiting on, your customers are looking for you!

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The Fine Print

- We want all ads to enhance the look of our site! If we think your ad does not integrate well, we reserve the right to remake the ad with your approval. If you would just like us to make an ad for you, we will do so for free!

- How rotation works: We want all advertisers to be featured equally. Your ads will be shared evenly over the course of every hour. For example, If 6 spots are sold, your add will display in position 1 for 10 minutes each hour, and rotate evenly to position 2, 3, 4, etc every 10 minutes.

- All ads are on a month-to-month basis, and are displayed on every page of the site. Cancel anytime. We reserve the right to cancel ads or change the terms at any time. If an ad is canceled by TPW, we will prorate your monthly payment and refund the difference. If you choose to cancel your ad in the middle of the term, your payment is not refundable. All payments must be made through PayPal.

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