Get The Seal

How do I get the seal?

You need to be an authorized retailer for all dresses you sell. If you sell online, your site must be SSL secure. You generally have good business practices and a decent reputation online.

What do I get?

A Top Prom Websites verified seal to display on your website. Your store will be listed on our site to help increase your positive reputation online.


Help contribute to the Knock-off list. If a customer contacts you about a knock-off site that is not listed on TPW, let us know by clicking the "Report a Site" button on the right side of any page.

72% of consumers are more likely to buy from stores that show verified by and authorized by seals.

Example Seals - 120 x 90

SSL secured! The TPW Seal is safe to use on your secure site. Click any of the demos below to see how it works!

#1 Sites with light backgrounds:
#2 Sites with dark backgrounds:
#3 New Seal light backgrounds:
#4 New Seal dark backgrounds:

A listing on TPW gives your business a 3rd party page to help increase your brand awareness and online reputation.

Frequently asked questions

How do I install the seal?

After you register your site, we will send you the seal code. All you need to do is paste that code somewhere on your website.

Why should I do this?

The industry is losing money to sites that are illegally copying designers dresses. The purpose of TopPromWebsites is consumer awareness via two methods. The 1st is a Site Seal that we provide for free that can be used industry wide to visually show customers that a site is trustworthy. The 2nd method is to use SEO techniques to put our results in google so when a customer searches for a bad website, we will rank highly enough to get their attention. We then advise them that the site they are looking up is not legitimate, and send them to our list of trusted online retailers.

Get Listed

We will create your store page with your provided description about your business. You also get the approved by TPW safety seal to put on your website.

Sign up $30/month
Get Featured

Your store page will be listed at the top of your state section. You must already have an active listing on the site. Max of TWO stores can be featured per state.

Sign up $70/month

No Seal, No Deal!

When shopping, look for one of our approved seals, or check out the prom dress shops page.

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