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The Hannah S line created by House of Wu specializes in fun and flirty short dresses! They offer sizes 0 through 18 and range in price from $139-$558. These little beauties are perfect for homecoming or to wear to another semi-formal event!

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Hannah S is one of four prom divisions by the House of Wu. Hannah S has been a part of the House of Wu since 2004 and has since been a leader in the prom dress industry. In 2004, Hannah S joined Tiffany Designs, Panoply, and Studio 17 to make the Fabulous Four of House of Wu. The House of Wu is located right off the coast in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida.

Hannah S is a line dedicated to only short formal gowns and cocktail dresses. They are great for the girl wanting to wear a dress that is not so high maintenance for prom or that wants to show off her really cool shoes! Middle School dances and High School homecoming dances are also a great time to wear a dress by Hannah S. Hannah S dresses make excellent appearance dresses for all you pageant ladies! Hannah S always has a great combination of top selling baby doll dresses and straight fitted dresses. The dresses are normally multi colored but solid colored dresses are also included in the line. Beautiful pink, turquoise, purple, red, black, blue, green, white, and yellow are always used and it is not uncommon to see several of these colors used on the same dress.

Sometimes printed fabrics are used on the dresses by Hannah S, but by far the top selling dresses are the baby doll solid and multi colored dresses. Hannah S has short dresses for all girls no matter what your shape or size. The company makes dresses in plus sizes as well as down to the smallest size 0. The dresses are flirty, vivacious, and fun to wear. Hannah S makes their dresses easy for any girl to wear. If the dress you like is strapless but you cannot wear strapless because of a large bust, no worries, all strapless dresses come with straps! There are other strap options are available with Hannah S prom dresses for example, halter straps, spaghetti straps, and a one shoulder strap.

The very best part about Hannah S short dresses is that they do not break the bank. Hannah S makes some of the most affordable short dresses in the industry and does not short the customer on quality or design! The price range for Hannah S goes from $200 to $500 but the majority of dresses are under $300! Even at the lowest price, you will not see a shortage of beads or details that would normally make the gown much more expensive! The House of Wu has been making prom dresses for a long time and this company is known for their classic designs. Check out Hannah S if you are looking for a cute or sexy short dress at a great price!

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