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2014 update: It appears JJ's House has stopped stealing images, and is no longer passing off designer dresses as their own. This page will remain on our site to let consumers know they are dealing with a company who built their reputation on tricking customers into buying knock offs by using stolen copyrighted images from the original manufacturer.

The 4 screenshots below from archive.org show JJ's House as it appeared on March 18th, June 3rd and 4th, and September 12th of 2012. Each screenshot has multiple stolen images for example:

March 18th: Row 1, picture 1, is copyright Tony Bowls #110537
March 18th: Row 5, picture 2, is copyright Allure/Night Moves #6408
March 18th: Row 6, picture 2, is copyright Allure/Night Moves #6240
March 18th: Row 6, picture 3, is copyright Mori Lee #8733
March 18th: Row 8, picture 2, is copyright Jovani #159777

June 3rd: Row 1, picture 3, is copyright Jasz Couture #4559
June 3rd: Row 2, picture 1, is copyright Jovani #71355
June 3rd: Row 4, picture 2, is copyright La Femme #16992
June 3rd: Row 5, picture 1, is copyright Sherri Hill #2308

June 4th: Row 1, picture 2, is copyright Night Moves #6425
June 4th: Row 2, picture 1, is copyright La Femme #16993
June 4th: Row 2, picture 3, is copyright Jovani #159778
June 4th: Row 6, picture 1, is copyright Jovani #158816

September 12th: Row 2, picture 1, is copyright Jovani #158558
September 12th: Row 6, picture 1, is copyright Flirt/Maggie Sottero #P1368
September 12th: Row 8, picture 3, is copyright Jovani #158950

There are many more stolen images used by JJ's House in these screen shots. For the above list, I picked the styles that were popular, and easy to find the REAL style numbers from the REAL designer.

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