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The La Femme collection ranges in price from $198-$588 and carries sizes 00-20 to fit many different body types and styles. They also manufacture the brand Gigi and sell a variety of sweetheart neckline two-pieces, free-flowing a-lines, and trendy mermaid styles. La Femme styles are so classic, and they have been one of the top prom dress lines for years and will be for many more to come.

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La Femme Fashions is a company based out of Los Angeles, California and has grown from a small mom and pop company to one of the top five prom lines worldwide. La Femme has become a fashion leader in the prom industry and is known for having the most up to date and trendy styles for prom. Girls love wearing them because of their excellent fit and the fact that if you are usually a size 6, you will wear a size 2 or 4 in their dresses! Who wouldn't want to wear a size smaller than their regular clothing? Besides size, La Femme makes gorgeous, sure to be talked about gowns!

They are known for their use of prints, satin charmeuse, chiffon, and great beading accents. La Femme was on the cutting edge of using prints on prom dresses a few years back. Girls could not get enough of their sexy printed gowns! Now, the company has switched gears to the common trend of simple, classic, and elegant styles. They still make some printed gowns for the girls who want them, but with the enormous sales of style number 16802, they knew which direction their company needed to take. Style 16802 has a heavily iridescent beaded top and bust line with beaded straps and a very flowy chiffon skirt. Initially made in four colors, white, ocean, black, and the most popular, coral. Coral was by far the most popular as featured on the 2011 cover of Seventeen Magazine. Check out our prom websites page for the latest gowns. La Femme could not keep up with the extreme amount of orders for this dress! The following year it was brought back in almost every color imaginable, and there are several variations of the style as well.

The entire line got a makeover, and now La Femme is the higher priced elegant line for the prom company. If you tried to list all the colors they make, we would be writing for days! Their most popular colors are by far coral, white, black, red, royal blue, turquoise, fuchsia, and purple. La Femme can be counted on to bring dresses in their line with exciting back details. They do not disappoint in this area. What may look like an effortless dress from the front, is a beautifully done back with straps that crisscross and beaded with gorgeous stones! These back treatments are often cut down low on the back and add a very sexy touch to the dress. If you are genuinely looking for the sexy look, you can check out their short dresses or their dresses with cut-outs. Short skirts are some of the hottest in the prom industry and are made with the same high quality and fit as all the other La Femme prom dresses. We like them because they are not too short or too long, but are just right. As far as cut-outs are concerned, they will present a dress with cut-outs on the sides, back, or between the bust line. If you have the body to wear cut-outs, then La Femme has plenty of gorgeous dresses to accentuate your shape.

La Femme's printed fabrics are some of the more fun aspects of the line. You can get a print that includes several different prints intertwined and to top it off a one-shoulder detail with a flower and feathers! La Femme always is the first to make a dress in a specific print, and then other prom companies come in the next year only to copy them. They are original and a breath of fresh air. Short dresses, long dresses, high low hems, one shoulder, strapless, halter styles, and everything in between, La Femme has it! Girls love to try on their dresses because they make them feel good! Go all out with La Femme prom or keep it sweet and simple. No matter what, you will look great!

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