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Madison James Prom is a collection by the nationwide best seller bridal gown line, Allure Bridals. Madison James Prom has been moving its way up the prom and pageant ladder over the last few years and has definitely hit an all time high. They have an award winning line each and every year that girls from all walks of life can wear and look like a princess on their prom night. Styles that are coveted by other prom and pageant designers hit the runway for Madison James and are instant top sellers. Why are they so successful? Simply put, their dresses fit. When a girl puts on a Madison James Prom gown, she is instantaneously overcome with joy as the dress fits her in all the right places in all the right ways. The dresses are made with the most outstanding quality of fabrics and beading and the craftsmanship is almost always unmatched by any other company. Most likely, if you were to buy a Madison James Prom gown, you would have to have some alterations done. When fit is mentioned here, it means the dresses have such great fabrics, and such great manufacturing, that they look custom made. Fabrics like flowy chiffon, shiny organza, shimmering taffeta, soft tulle, and smooth satin are used by the company to hold itself to the highest quality and standards for manufacturing. Being a part of an award winning bridal gown line, Madison James gets its incredible fit from the already experienced designers. In almost all cases, if there is a successful bridal line that comes out with a prom line, it too will be successful. Many times, if a certain style of wedding gown is selling well one season, the very next season there will be a prom gown that comes out that looks similar. Why? Because the proof is in the pudding! If thousands of brides across the nation and worldwide loved the style, why wouldn't thousands of prom or pageant girls? Makes sense, right?

Bold and beautiful colors like fuchsia, turquoise, yellow, red, and green are common among the gowns but prints always make a statement as well. Madison James has prints that you will not see anywhere else. These prints are often used in several of the gowns in order to accommodate all body styles and sizes. You may love a print that is shown in a strapless dress but you really need a one shoulder or halter top because you are bigger in the bust, no problem, more than likely Madison James has it! What about wearability? Well, they have wearability down pat! They make dresses out of all types of fabrics with all types of formal events in mind. Do you need a senior prom gown that you can also take to college and wear to sorority formals? Choose a jersey gown in a deep jewel tone. Do you need a ball gown in a beautiful pastel hue that you can wear for middle school pageants all the way up into your freshman year in high school? Madison James has it! They have cocktail gowns, high low hems, a-line dresses, fitted gowns, mermaid styles, empire waist, halter tops, one shoulders, ball gowns, and everything in between. Size is not an issue because this prom line goes all the way to a 32! Now, every dress is not for every body, but, if you want it, you can have it no matter what your size! How about that for no restrictions! Never doubt that Madison James will be on top of their "A" Game when fashion is involved. The dresses from the collection are often featured in top selling magazines like People, Teen Prom, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen. Madison James
Madison James Location (a division of Allure Bridals)
Memphis, Tennessee

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