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The Panoply line designed by House of Wu specializes in super fun and embellished dresses. They carry sizes 00 through 24 and range in price between $278-$1550. They create the mermaid, a-line, and sparkly two-piece styles that are perfect for prom or another formal event!

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Panoply is the more sexy and fashion forward line of the Fab Four by House of Wu. The House of Wu headquarters are located in sunny Fort Myers, Florida and dresses are made in China and shipped to the stores from both locations. For the Fab Four, Panoply is known to be the edgier, risky, off the runway styles that always have people talking. Out of the Fab Four, Tiffany Designs, Hannah S, and Studio 17, do not come close to sexy combinations of plunging necklines, low backs, and tightly fitted styles. On the other hand, Panoply may get their fans' attention with outrageous uses of feathers, flowers, sashes, belts, zippers, or beading.

Fully beaded dresses are no strangers to the Panoply prom dresses line. These fully beaded gowns, especially the ones with the plunging necklines, are often used for preliminary pageants in the Miss USA system. We love the head turning styles and the way that ordinary is no where near their name in the dictionary! Every year, their ads are anything but ordinary and sometimes they take on a certain theme. One year their ads were all based on the Twilight movie and girls loved the thought of wearing a dress that a character from the Twilight movie might wear!

The "in the now" Panoply styles usually range in price but most are in the higher end of the pricing scale. A lot of attention to detail goes into each and every Panoply dress, and often times, the beads have been put on by hand! Can you imagine how long it takes to sew all those beads on by hand? You will see that the intricate and gorgeous beadwork definitely makes these Panoply dresses turn into a Wow factor! Also, the highest quality fabrics are used in the manufacturing of these gowns so that they will last through as many wears as you would like to give them. Red is always a prominent color used in the Panoply line, as is Gold and White. All three of these colors are great for pageants. Prints are still available in the prom line, yet not as prevalent as years past.

The trend at the moment are high low hem gowns. Panoply was one of the first to add one to their collection. Several variations have come about for the high low hems, but one in particular that Panoply is known for is the fitted bodice with the poofy high low hem that has the peek-a-boo print on the inside of the skirt. Girls love this flirty little touch so that when they walk, the dress skirt opens up a bit to reveal the print. Another cool thing about wearing a high low hem is the fact that your beautiful shoes can be seen! Why waste money on a gorgeous pair of shoes that you are going to just cover up? Show those hot shoes off with a high low hem gown by Panoply! You are sure to turn lots of heads no matter which dress you choose, and it is sure to be in your closet for many years just waiting for you to show it off!

Panoply/House of Wu Location
Fort Myers, FL

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