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Is quinceaneradresses4u.com safe, and are they authorized to sell the gowns on their site?

No, this site can not be verified and has been reported by users as selling knock-off formal dresses.

Safety Warning

Be safe when shopping online and do your research before buying from a company that you have never heard of! A list of verified authentic prom dress stores is located here.

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"I bought a prom dress from https://quinceaneradresses4u.com/ and am having issues getting the order processed. I googled their phone number and find that they are the same company as weddingdressmart.com that is being talked about here. I think I have finally gotten through to the lady over the phone that the size I ordered is indeed correct and that they should proceed with my order. I hope the dress arrives as I ordered it and not a complete mess. I will never shop with them again and will probably just go to the stores to buy any dresses in the future. So far very disappointed in my shopping experience with this company."

After recent consumer submissions, we have investigated Quinceanera Dresses 4 U and added this site to the TPW Do Not Buy list. They are illegally selling one or more dress lines using the manufacturers pictures. These dresses are imitation and not authentic.

quinceaneradresses4u.com has been added to the knock-off formal wear list. This site ships knock-off dresses from overseas and is trying to take advantage of consumers by passing off dresses as authentic. This store uses images from manufacturers illegally under US copyright law.


Counterfeit merchandise is Illegal

Copyright Law

Companies are able to violate the law because they are outside of the U.S.

Sweat Shops

These places are NOT upstanding businesses, and may even use child labor.

Organized Crime

This is an illegal industry and as such the money can go to fund terrorism.

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