Retailer's Guide

This page is a resource for formal wear retailers who are ready to put an end to knock-off dress websites.

The most important thing you need to do is tell any manufacturer, rep or owner to go read this page:

The next thing you need to do is sign up for the TopPromWebsites Seal, and put it on your site.

Dealing with customers

When a customer calls you about price matching on a knock-off site, simply tell them that you only match prices on identical items, and the website they are asking you to price match is a factory making counterfeit dresses. If the knock off site is listed on our do not buy list, use our site as a reference as to why you will not price match. This should be enough for you to save the sale!

What we do is consumer advocacy against knock-off prom dress web sites

The purpose of TopPromWebsites is consumer awareness via two methods. The 1st is a Site Seal that we provide for free that can be used industry wide to visually show customers that a site is trustworthy. The 2nd method is to use SEO techniques to put our results in google so when a customer searches for a bad website, we will rank highly enough to get their attention. We then advise them that the site they are looking up is not legitimate, and send them to our list of trusted online retailers.

Because we are maintaining a list of "bad sites," we do not want to promote or endorse them. For this reason, TopPromWebsites is set up in a way that it will not pass any "link value" to Google for linking to these bad sites.

Since knock-offs are so prevalent online, we advise all consumers to only buy from a site that is displaying the TopPromWebsites Seal.

Here is an screenshot example of how we are combating knock-off sites through search. When a consumer searches for a bad website, our page comes up in search results advising them not to buy from site.

Now that we have this consumer on our site, we try and funnel them to the Authorized prom dress shops section of our site, and in turn, to your site listing.

Only safe Websites are approved

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