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It looks like Sherri Hill has quickly and quietly shut down a few websites that were using their trademark name to sell counterfeit dresses. If you visit any of these sites, you will be greeted with message that looks like this:

Here is a list of domains (that we know of) that have been seized through this legal action by Sherri Hill (I am sure there are more):

I do not speak "lawyer," but I believe the filing was based on the websites using Sherri Hill's trademarked name in their domain name and on their sites. This was first brought to our attention back on April 18th. So in roughly 45 days, they managed to put all of these sites out of commission. Congrats!

Sherri Hill has been the lead warrior in effective solutions to limit the reach of knock-off companies' intrusion into the marketplace. We continue to see that more Sherri Hill knock-off sites are blocked from google using DMCA takedown requests, and we are already seeing a rapid decline in counterfeit Sherri Hill dresses; there are currently less knock-off Sherri Hill dresses out there than other manufacturers.

Sherri Hill wins legal victory; nobody notices (sherrihill) Reviews

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