reviews has been caught selling knock-off formal dresses

After recent consumer submissions, we have investigated Store Dress and added this site to the TPW Do Not Buy list. They are illegally selling one or more dress lines using the manufacturers pictures. These dresses are imitation and not authentic.


I would like to advise people that this website is crazy! While ordering my daughters dress I had some questions, only way to get intouch is to send an email. Emailed them asking questions, they responded within 24 hours - GOOD. Ordered the dress on September9, 2013 was told credit card went thru for payment and that I should expect the dress before October 2013. Today 10/3/13 still HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE DRESS!!!!!!! BAD!!!!! I have contacted them 4 times by email asking the status of the dress and no response! Funny how they answer you when you are inquiring about purchasing a dress but once they receive the money you never get a response. My daughter and I am VERY ANNOYED with this site!!!!! She wanted the dress to wear to her homecoming which is this Saturday (10/5/13). Not counting on having it, what a disappointment. I would advise to not buy anything from this website - I know we will never again and I will be spreading the word to all my friend and hope they tell there friends and so on. Nothin like having to deal with a 16 year old that is stressed cuz her dream dress has not arrived! Oh and to top it all off, they take no returns unless it was a mistake on their end (ex. sent wrong size or color) even if that was the case Im sure they would not respond to you when you tried to inquire about how to return the dress!

ATTENTION STOREDRESS.COM STAFF: We have removed ALL of the comments from this page that you paid people to leave, and we have reported all of thier accounts to Facebook for spam/fraud. Please stop wasting your time by trying to leave fake reviews. - TPW Staff has been added to the knock-off formal wear list. This site ships knock-off dresses from overseas and is trying to take advantage of consumers by passing off dresses as authentic. This store uses images from manufacturers illegally under US copyright law.

Be safe when shopping online and do your research before buying from a company that you have never heard of! A list of verified authentic prom dress stores is located here.

Store Dress (storedress) Reviews

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