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Impression Bridal has two prom lines to get your attention this year for prom. They are called Xcite and Xtreme and both have completely different looks. Xcite and Xtreme go hand in hand and cover just about every type of prom style you could think of. The designers for the Xcite and Xtreme prom lines know that every girl has their own style and at prom they want their style to show. Therefore, Xcite and Xtreme bring to its customers cutting edge designs year after year, ready for the fashion savvy girl.

Xcite prom gowns would be the more "classic" prom line of the two by Impression Bridal. The line includes short baby doll gowns, mermaid gowns with pick up skirts, satin charmeuse gowns with simple beaded backs, halter tops with printed fabrics, and ball gowns. The before mentioned gowns are simply a few examples of the many different types of gowns you will find in the Xcite prom line. The dresses in the Xcite line are appropriate for all ages and could easily be worn for middle school dances all the way up to high school prom and pageants. Just like in all the top prom lines today, Xcite brings to the table lots of exciting details. Three dimensional flowers, ruffles, one shoulders, beaded patterns, and prints are just a few of the special features in the Xcite prom line. Fabrics such as organza, jersey, satin, tulle, chiffon, and satin charmeuse are used in the line in a multitude of bring and fabulous colors. The dresses in the Xcite line are made with open backs, corset backs, or zippered backs. A neat feature of the Xcite prom line is that they also have a plus sized line called the Xcite Full Figured line. This line includes short and long dresses in lots of colors and prints. Most of the dresses in this plus sized line are going to have corset backs to ensure the very best fit. So, no matter your size, searching for a prom dress does not have to be hard! Check out Xcite prom!

Now, if you are looking to push the envelope a little on your prom look, then Xtreme prom by Impression Bridal is your line. Sexy prom gowns, step aside, because the new extra sexy Xtreme prom line is here and is taking center stage. The dresses in this line will make jaws drop at prom! Whether you want to wear a mini dress or a gown with extreme cut outs, the prom line by Xtreme has what you are looking for. Bright colors paired with bold and sexy designs are what you will see in this prom line. Plunging necklines, open backs, short skirts, high splits, and cut outs are often combined in some way to make these dresses as daring as possible. The back details on some of the dresses in the Xtreme prom line are gorgeous and super intricate. Not many other companies hold a candle to the sexy backs and tight fitting designs of Xtreme prom by Impression Bridal.

Do not make your search for a prom gown harder than it has to be! Impression Bridal has put just about all the different types of prom gowns you could possibly want into two distinct lines, Xcite and Xtreme! Be Excting, Be Extreme, choose Xcite and Xtreme prom lines!

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