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beware of knock off prom dresses

  • Images

    The #1 complaint we get about knock off sites is: Dress does not look like the picture.

  • Fabric

    Material is of lower quality and is often very different from the original designer. An example we've seen where ball gowns come in taffeta, but are knocked off in chiffon. and poor construction resulting in seams splitting

  • Zippers

    Cheap materials cause more zippers to randomly split, rip, or tear.

  • Sorry

    I was shipped the wrong color (or size) and they wont take it back.

prom dress scams
  • Beading

    Irregular, uneven, and inconsistent patterns, patches of beading missing, and low quality beads/sequins.

  • Sizing

    Either you order from the size chart and the measurements do not match when it arrives, or you pay extra for a custom size and it comes in incorrect.

  • Color

    Color does not match what is shown in the picture or customer was shipped the wrong color but company would not take it back.

  • Lost My Money

    Ordered a dress that was going to take a month to make. Came back to find out the website was gone, and the company went out of business.

Top Prom Websites

We only approve prom dress shops that sell authentic designer gowns, and have a good reputation.

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What does Top Prom Websites do?

We research websites to see if they are authorized to sell the gowns they are displaying. If a site is not 100% legitimate, we will not list it!

The goal of Top Prom Websites is to provide a safe shopping experience for prom shoppers. We identify legitimate prom dress retailers, and point out who is trying to sell counterfeits. We achieve this because our visitors (like you!) submit websites to see if they are legitimate. We then look at the product images on the site to see if they belong to any national prom dress designer. After identifying the designers of the images, we check with the manufacturer regarding the website or retailer in question. If the company is not known by the manufacturer or listed on their store locater, then they are not authorized to sell that brand or product. The website or retailer is then added to the knock-off list. We also do our due diligence and check other scam alert websites, and often link to them, as additional proof that the company is not legitimate.

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