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Launched in 2009, Decode 1.8 has been a dress collection for the modern, glamour seeking ladies. The Decode 1.8 designer, Hyun Jung Kim yearned to make the 'perfect dress.' This company makes simple prom gowns, easy to wear cocktail dresses, and beautiful day dresses. When you inspect a Decode 1.8 dress, it is easy to see how much attention to detail was put into each one.

Hyun Jung Kim is the lead designer for Decode 1.8. She has always had a passion for the arts, especially for fashion and music. At a South Korean university, Hyun Jung Kim received a fashion design degree from which she got her first stylist job. Later on in life she worked for a theater company, designing costumes and acting. All of this was done BEFORE she turned 25! Once she turned 25, she decided to move to New York and attend the prestigious Parson's The New School for Design. After graduating, Hyun Jung Kim worked with several designers on clothing from prom gowns to day wear. After a few years in the business, Hyun Jung Kim decided it was time to start her own clothing line. She wanted a dress line that all ladies would love to wear. Her love for the arts influences all of her designs. She has been very successful in having her line carried in many nationwide stores and boutiques.

Helping Hyun Jung Kim with the designs of Decode 1.8 is the associate designer, Lindsay Cook. Lindsay grew up loving to draw and paint. She attended the International Academy of Design and Technology where she majored in fashion design. Lindsay used her degree to land an internship in New York City for a major designer. Here she improved upon her own skills while pinpointing her own personal design style. In 2007, Hyun Jung Kim and Lindsay Cook met while working for a very successful dress company and they hit it off! Their combined love for fashion and design was undeniable and the match was one made in fashion heaven. Once Hyun Jung Kim decided to start Decode 1.8, she knew she wanted Lindsay Cook on her team. From the very beginning, their partnership in design has proven to be a success!

Contemporary clothing for the women of today, is what Decode 1.8 is all about. Dresses in the Decode 1.8 line are romantic, chic, and flirty. Grecian details are all the rage, including ruching, draping, flowy skirts, simple beading, and empire waists. Bold colors like red, purple, black, navy, and teal are just a few of the ones used for the dresses. On a few of the Decode 1.8 gowns, you will see lace appliques, beadwork, or the latest trend, peplums. Fully laced gowns, chiffon, and satin are most commonly used in the designs of Decode 1.8. Rest Assured, with designers like Hyun Jung Kim and Lindsay Cook, Decode 1.8 will always be on top of the latest styles.

Decode 1.8 Location:
New York, NY

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