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The list of prom dress shops below have all been verified as selling new, authentic prom dresses with all the labels and tags attached. Don't take a chance and get tricked into buying a counterfeit dress! Buying prom dresses online doesn't have to be risky. The prom dress stores listed below have been manually verified to help protect YOU from getting ripped off!

Many people end up at this page after searching for prom dresses near me. So while you are here, have a little bit of info about the best prom dress websites we feature.


Each year's favorite designs are chosen the year before towards the end of the summer at the fashion market in Atlanta. Here stores will view all the new trends and place orders on what they think will sell. The styles in the prom industry are cyclical. For example, two-piece dresses and rompers are hot right now. A few years ago, these did not exist! Trying to find them was impossible. Now they are everywhere. On the flip side, prints, especially animal prints, are not popular right now. But every couple of years, they come back around for a season or two before going away again. I guess it is a way to keep fashion fresh every few years. Things like mermaid prom dresses and ball gown styles are a staple every year and never change. You can find of all these and more on our list of reliable prom dress websites.

Random fact: Although we mainly feature retailers in the United States, we also have a growing section of stores selling prom dresses in the UK.


High necks are hot! Off the shoulder and one shoulder have become the new "it" design to have. Sweetheart designs are classic and fit pretty much any body type. Although many gowns are strapless, many prom dress designers include optional spaghetti straps that you can attach yourself (simple hook-and-eye which takes 2 seconds to connect).


Favorite prom dress colors don't vary much between years. Blues are always the most popular, where some years lighter blue is more popular than dark. Current trends in red are more towards the darker burgundy or maroon. Gold and green prom dresses online are gaining in popularity as well.

No matter what you choose, we are here to provide you with only the most trustworthy prom dress sites.

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