GiGi Prom Dresses

La Femme's Gigi line offers dresses sizes 00 through 20 and range in price from $178-$598. This line creates beautiful dresses in a variety of styles such as a mermaid, two-piece, and A-line. Gigi specializes in prom dresses but makes classic choices that would be perfect for any formal event.


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Gigi Designs is one of the top prom companies in the United States and its success can be attributed to the great fit and fashion that the line has to offer. Fashion is huge in the prom industry and Gigi really takes prom design up a notch with high quality fabrics, beadwork, and fit.

Luxurious fabrics like satin charmeuse, flowy chiffon, shimmering taffeta, and prints so bold and beautiful you are sure to turn heads, are just a few of the ones used in the prom line. Gigi adorns their prom and pageant gowns with the highest quality beads. These beads are used in some extremely intricate bead patterns that are usually hand sewn. This just goes to show you how much time and effort is put into each Gigi prom and pageant dress.

Gigi knows colors! Bold and vibrant colors are what this company does best! Color choices like teal, orchid, marigold, royal, red, lavender, coral, cotton candy pink, and emerald are just a few of the many colors that Gigi makes their dresses in. Now, not every dress comes in all the colors, but Gigi does normally give quite a few color options per dress. One good thing about this is, if where you buy your prom dress registers prom gowns, so that no one at your school can buy the same dress in the same color, you have more options if someone already took the color you wanted! Because Gigi prom gowns fly off racks faster than lightning, lots of color options per dress is a great advantage to prom shoppers.

Fit plays a huge role in the success of Gigi Designs. Their dresses run a bit large so most girls can wear their normal dress size or a size smaller. In the prom industry, dresses normally run about a size or two smaller than what you would normally wear in clothing, but not Gigi. They are right on the money when it comes to fit and making a girl feel awesome in their dress. Let's face it, girls hate to go up a size when trying on clothes because in most cases, we work so hard to be in the size we are in!! They understand this and works hard to keep girls in their size!

These dresses can be worn for all types of occasions. The simple, yet elegant approach to dress design keeps their dress line open to an endless amount of formal wear opportunities. You could easily wear a Gigi Designs dress to prom, pageant, wedding, cruise, homecoming, sorority formal, fraternity formal, or any of the other many social affairs. They make long formal gowns as well as short cocktail dresses. The cocktail dresses range from cute and baby doll cuts to sexy and sleek looks. Girls and women of all ages could wear a Gigi cocktail dress and look age appropriate.

Gigi is a company with a lot of tread beneath their feet. They have been making progress in the prom and pageant industry for years. The company has transitioned over the last few years to become the sexy, elegant, classy, and beautiful gown line that it is today. If you want to wear a gown that screams CONFIDENCE, choose one by Gigi Designs! A division of La Femme, with a corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

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