Knock Off Prom Dresses List

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Knock Off Prom Dresses List

TopPromWebsites maintains a list of sites that sell knock-off and counterfeit prom dresses, or use original manufacturers pictures to trick customers. Below is an alphabetical list of confirmed offenders. We recommend that you do not risk buying anything from these sites.

If the price is too good to be true, it is. The bridal industry has minimum prices that all retailers must maintain. This is kind of like how if you go to buy an iPhone, the prices are the same (more or less) everywhere you go. If someone offered you a brand new iPhone for half the price that you can get one at Best Buy, you would be suspicious right? It is the same thing with prom dresses. If you see thirty stores that all sell a dress for $300, and then you find one store that sells it for $150, you should be suspicious.

Check them out! Before you give any online retailer your money, make sure you know who you are dealing with. Look at their "about us," "FAQ," or "customer service" sections and see where they are located. Chances are, you don't want to buy a prom dress from outside of the country. All of the designers are based out of the US so if you are buying an authentic gown from another country, it is impossible for the price to be cheaper than from a US retailer.

Frequent complaints about knock off dresses

  • Images

    The #1 complaint we get about knock off sites is: Dress does not look like the picture.

  • Fabric

    Material is of lower quality and is often very different from the original designer. An example we've seen where ball gowns come in taffeta, but are knocked off in chiffon. and poor construction resulting in seams splitting

  • Zippers

    Cheap materials cause more zippers to randomly split, rip, or tear.

  • Sorry

    I was shipped the wrong color (or size) and they wont take it back.

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  • Beading

    Irregular, uneven, and inconsistent patterns, patches of beading missing, and low quality beads/sequins.

  • Sizing

    Either you order from the size chart and the measurements do not match when it arrives, or you pay extra for a custom size and it comes in incorrect.

  • Color

    Color does not match what is shown in the picture or customer was shipped the wrong color but company would not take it back.

  • Lost My Money

    Ordered a dress that was going to take a month to make. Came back to find out the website was gone, and the company went out of business.

87% of counterfeit merchandise seized in the U.S. is from China

Counterfeit merchandise is Illegal

Copyright Law

Companies are able to violate the law because they are outside of the U.S.

Sweat Shops

These places are NOT upstanding businesses, and may even use child labor.

Organized Crime

This is an illegal industry and as such the money can go to fund terrorism.

Number of knock-off websites we have seen go out of business, close without reason, or are shut down by the US Government


In the last four years

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