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The Mac Duggal collection ranges in price from $218-$798 and comes in sizes 00 through 30W. They specialize in glitzy prom and pageant gowns and even offer short dresses and pants suits. They also manufacture the brands named Cassandra Stone, Flash, and Fabulouss. This designer has a variety of different styles to fit many personal styles as well as body types.

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The prom and pageant gown line by Mac Duggal is one of the most outstanding you will see in the industry today. So much attention to detail is put into each and every one of the gowns. When looking at a Mac Duggal gown, you will see style, class, authenticity, excitement, and a definite "wow" factor packaged into it. Mac Duggal has been designing prom gowns for a very long time and he knows his stuff! From New Delhi, India, Mac Duggal came to America with a dream and a dress idea in mind. At the young age of 23, he had his first gown manufactured. The first dress he called the "wish upon a star" gown, which was a ball gown that had a beautifully hand painted star design on the lining under the tulle. Instant Success for Mac Duggal with his amazing design and the rest was history!

So, what makes Mac Duggal the amazing gown line that it is? Well, for one they are beautiful, but for another, they are affordable. A few of the gowns in the line are a bit pricey, but for the most part, with a Mac Duggal gown you are getting a moderately priced gown with excellent quality. Since 1985 and the beginning of the company, breath taking dress designs have been booming out of the collection. Edgy and off the runway designs keeps Mac Duggal Prom up to date with the current trends and in closets across America! Beadwork, like stones and all over sequins is something that they do well. Their beading is perfection and their designs are intriguing. When you are wearing a Mac Duggal gown, you are literally wearing a piece of art. Fabrics used in the prom line are just as most other prom companies; satin, charmeuse, chiffon, tulle, and taffeta. What makes Mac Duggal different is the colors used in these fabrics. Nude tones, golds, silvers, deep hunter greens, aquas, lavenders, and soft lime green are just a few of the beautiful colors used in this line. The gowns are perfect for pageants as well as any other formal event. If you cannot find a dress within the Mac Duggal Prom line, no worries!! Mac Duggal, himself, has many other prom, pageant and cocktail lines to his name that sport the same quality of fabrics, beadwork, and overall appeal. A few of these lines are Cassandra Stone, Fabulouss, Flash, Black & White, and the Mac Duggal Couture line. Fabulouss is an awesome, fashion forward plus sized line. Flash is the least expensive dresses in all of Mac Duggal land but with great quality and style. Black & White, is just that, black and white gowns! Cassandra Stone is a fun, flirty prom line. Mac Duggal Couture is the more high end formal gown line with many fancy details, like full feathered skirts and heavy, nice stones that adorn the gown so tastefully! Mac Duggal literally has something for everyone under the umbrella of the brand, but if you are looking for gorgeous, moderately priced, and trendy spins on classic designs, look to the Mac Duggal Prom line.

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