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Since 1985, one dress company has been climbing the prom industry ladder to excellence. Scala Eveningwear Inc., includes prom dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming gowns, bridesmaid dresses, destination bridal gowns, mother of the bride dresses, informals, and separates. Mr. Beeta Grover started the company over 25 years ago and has grown the line to be sold in over seventy countries worldwide! At one time, the MIss USA and Miss Teen USA were officially sponsored by Scala Eveningwear Inc.

Scala Eveningwear Inc., has three prom lines under its blanket, which are Scala, BG Haute, and Scala by Ashley Lauren. Do you love attention to detail and superb quality? These prom, pageant, and cocktail dresses have beadwork that is hand sewn, top of the line tailoring, and hot off the runway design. Just like most formal wear companies, they strive to make the female body looks its absolute best. Girls searching for a prom or pageant gown can count on Scala to bring the latest trends to the prom boutiques. In recent collections mini dresses and cocktail dresses have gotten a lot of attention, but full length dresses are still a hot item for prom. Fully beaded gowns are a very common item in the prom line, but there is a little of everything within the three formal wear lines that make up Scala Eveningwear Inc. It's not hard to imagine why Scala makes such gorgeous pageant gowns when you see all the hand beaded awesomeness going on in the collection. Fully beaded gowns in pageants, whether rhinestones or sequins, put on a great show for the audience! When you walk on stage in one of these gowns, get ready for all the "OOHs" and "AAHs." Regardless of what formal wear event you will be attending, this line deserves a look when you are searching for your perfect gown. Out of the three companies it includes, there is sure to be at least one dress you would like to wear.

The dress collections all get a lot of press and are worn by celebrities at many red carpet events. It is no surprise to see Scala designs at award shows, on television shows, and movie premieres. Of course you can see them on TV when watching the televised pageants, but they are also on The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. Stars, such as Lil' Kim, Victoria Justice, Paula Abdul, and Linda Hogan wear these gowns for appearances. When a star wears a certain design, you know they will more than likely be featured in all the major magazines. Such magazines like Cosmopolitan, TeenVogue, TeenPROM, Pageantry Magazine, and other Prom literatures often feature Scala gowns on the covers and in articles within. Scala Eveningwear Inc. has dresses that are infectious in the fashion world. People want to be seen wearing them, especially when you see a star or celebrity sporting one of the designs on the red carpet! Since the brand is a worldwide leader in the formalwear industry, it is not a shocker that ladies from all walks of life love to wear the dresses.

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Los Angeles, California

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