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The Faviana collection comes in sizes 00 through 24W, and ranges in price from $198- $598 to fit many different budgets. Faviana specializes in elegance and simplicity with their prom dresses and formal gowns and carries a variety of styles such as a-line, mermaid, two-piece and even short cocktail dresses for less formal events. This brand has many options to choose from to fit each body type and each personal style.

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about faviana.com

Faviana is a company best known for their celebrity copy dresses. They will take a dress worn on the red carpet and manufacture it for much less so that it is accessible for all young ladies! A lot of times the very dresses worn on the red carpet at events like the Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and the MTV Music Awards are recreated by the very next day for customers to be able to get their hands on! Faviana's celebrity copy dresses are featured on news shows and other entertainment news programming. People are amazed at how well they can recreate fashionable looks for so much less than the top rated dress designers! So, if it's on today's runway, you can find it in Faviana. It's their claim to fame!

Not only do they do celebrity copies, they also do great original prom fashion as well. There is a good mix of celebrity look a likes and original designs in the Faviana prom dress line. Faviana designers love working with jersey knit material because it really flatters the figures of ladies well and it is very versatile. Chiffon, satin charmeuse, and taffeta are all used in the line as well. Just a quick glance at the line and you will instantly see the attention to detail that is put into every gown. To recreate celebrity dresses, you know they have to pay attention to detail! Right at first look, you will see that they loves to create dresses with dramatic backs. There is something about a dramatic back on a dress that really gets people's attention. These backs have cut outs, beadwork, and draped fabric to give it that extra punch! Faviana makes dresses for all girls with all different styles! If you like prints, Faviana has prints. They have prints in straight gowns, a-line gowns, ball gowns, and everything in between. If you like simple, sophisticated looks, Faviana has solid colored, understated looks that will really keep you looking classy. There are high low hems with peek-a-boo prints underneath for the girl that wants some action when she walks! Faviana has sweet and beautifully beaded ball gowns for the freshman entering their first high school pageant! They has tight fits, low backs, plunging necklines, and high splits for the girl who wants to look drop dead sexy at her next formal event. For the girl who just wants sheer elegance at her prom or formal wedding, they make some beautiful gowns that will keep her dress screaming high class.

Faviana never misses out on a fashion statement and they are always on the cutting edge of off the runway styles. They are a top competitor in the prom industry and like most other prom companies, has dresses for all occasions. Whether you are going to prom, a pageant, a wedding, homecoming, formal dinner, or taking a cruise, Faviana will be there for you! If you want to dress like a star, then choose Faviana, but if you want to be original, they have something for you too! You can find these on the prom dress shops near me page. Faviana's corporate headquarters is located in New York City.

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